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Making a Health and Wellness Gift Basket

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I love making gift baskets and think they are a fun and creative way to give a variety of items instead of just one single thing. They can easily be personalized to meet a wide range of purposes. Whether you are making gifts for a wedding or a basket for an anniversary, a health and wellness gift basket is great way to go.

I recently attended a health and wellness function and won a gift basket. As luck would have it, I was in need of a gift for a friend and short on cash, so I added a few items to personalize it and viola, I now had a cute nutrition-related present for my friend. I feel positive she will love all the goodies because she is a health and fitness coach, eats a lot of organic food, and stays up on the latest nutrition trends. We included healthy food like some natural herbs, green tea, spaghetti squash, and more. We even gave her some eggs from our beautiful hens. We have a few Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens (learn more about the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte at The Hen’s Egg) and included a few eggs from our lovely ladies!

Here is what I included in my basket. Some sample sized gluten free cereal, Emergen-C packets, several varieties of herbal tea, organic nutrition bars, meal supplement powder, sunglasses with UV protection, organic vitamin supplements, container of soy protein, sea salt, all natural body wash made with vegetable oil, and wheat free pop tarts.

Other ideas for a health and wellness gift basket are a loofah, lip balm with SPF, back scratcher, hand held massager, sun block, soy or beeswax candles, candle holders, bath and body products made with natural ingredients, small container of organic honey, coupons for vitamins or other nutritional supplements, coupons for smoothies, books about herbal supplements, CD with music for yoga or meditation, or a gym membership.

I used a medium sized basket with a handle for my project. Before picking out a basket for your own project, consider the size, shape, and number of items you will be including in the present. Make sure the size of the container is large enough to accommodate the size and shape of the goodies you’ll be putting into it.

Once you decide on the container size and gather all the gift goodies, all that’s left to do is arrange everything neatly inside the container. Secure the objects in place with shrink-wrap or plastic wrap. You might also need to use some double-sided tape to keep heavier items from shifting around. Finish the creation with some colorful decorative ribbon, tissue paper, or balloons. Don’t forget to include a homemade or inexpensive card printed on recycled paper.

The main idea for any gift basket is to be creative and put your own personal stamp on the creation to make it a present that is both useful and memorable.

What a wonderful way to show someone you care … give an organic gift that helps him or her achieve his or her health and wellness goals!

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