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Things I Learned About Photography Online


We’ve discussed before that creativity can help those with mental health disorders, and I’m no exception. One way I get my creativity on is photography. I recently took a bunch of free online courses, and a few paid ones on Udemy and learned quite a bit. It re-lit my fire, and was a great way to get some new knowledge.

Lightroom and Editing

I am pretty comfortable with my camera, and at least familiar with photo editing software. However, using Adobe Lightroom is definitely not my strong suit. I took a specific course on working with editing photos to look great and natural, and this is one of the best things I learned. I can bring out colors, get rid of shadows, and do much more

One great thing I learned was how to install and use Lightroom presets. I’ve always seen presets for sale, but never knew how to use them. Now I can create my own presets, I got some free ones, and buy some. It’s a great way to quickly create the look I’m going for on my photos.

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Know the Rules, But Break Them

There are so many rules and guidelines in photography that are important to know. For example, there are many basic composition guidelines that photographers follow. There are also suggestions about angles, cropping, lighting, exposure, and much more. These are essential things to know. From technology to technique, we need to know the general idea.

On the other hand, we have to be ready to break these rules. Often, the “proper” technique and composition will create a visually pleasing photo. However, breaking these rules will sometimes make an even more unique photo. And we need to know when to break these rules to create the effect we’re going for.

Be More Creative

It’s a great creative activity, but I sometimes forget this. One thing I learned was to trust myself, have some confidence, and allow for some creativity. Instead of taking the same photos we’ve all seen a million times, I was pushed to really step outside of my comfort zone and try to be a little more creative.

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