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Putting Together a Recovery Care Package

Recovery Care Package

I recently had a friend who went into addiction recovery treatment. During her time there she was able to call me occasionally which was great because it gave me the opportunity to support her. As I was talking to her I started thinking about how hard it must be to there without any comfort from home. She was at a really nice place that she enjoyed, if you want to read more about the specific facility heres the link: However, it’s still scary to be somewhere new and going trough something so big.

I asked her if there was any possible way that I could send her a care package while she was there. She asked the facility and said that I could. So I started thinking about what I might want to put in her recovery care package.

There are a couple things I would like to mention before I tell you what I included. If you’re sending a recovery care package to someone who is in treatment, check with the facility about the things you are sending. Some places don’t allow clients to have things like caffeine or sugar. Almost all places will not allow you to send anything with alcohol in it. That means no perfume, mouthwash, or things like that. Jezebel wrote a post that can give you some idea of what not to send, you can read it here. If you are still wondering what is ok to send, call and ask.

1. Summer Reading

Most treatment centers do not allow clients to have iPads, phones, or laptops. That means that there is a lot of down time for people to fill. One of the things my friend told me was that she just wanted some more good books. Apparently the facility had plenty of recovery and self-help books available but she wanted something she could just read for entertainment.

I was pretty sensitive when making my selections because I didn’t want to send her anything that was all about drugs or partying. I ended up coming up with a pretty solid list of easy reading. If you need some inspiration check out this list of the 24 best summer and beach reads.

2. Something Cozy

If I were somewhere unfamiliar I would definitely want something comforting and cozy. A few of the really nice treatment centers provide you with a bathrobe when you get there but most don’t. So, the next thing I recommend you put in the care package is something comfy. You can find fleece blankets that are incredibly plush but not expensive online. You could also go for something like a stuffed animal if you think they would like that.

3. Relaxing TeaTea

Like I mentioned above, some rehabs won’t let clients have caffeine. So, if you are planning on sending someone tea it should be herbal or caffeine free. There are so many great options of relaxing tea you can send. Things like chamomile, lavender, or even white tea can be relaxing and comforting.

4. Pampering Products

I have known people who went to treatment and immediately had most of their bath products taken away. This usually happens when people bring things that have even trace amounts of alcohol in it. Even if the person you are sending a care package to has all their beauty products, it is always fun to have more!

I recommend reading the labels carefully to make sure there is no alcohol. I also suggest that you chose products that are completely organic. These are more likely to be ok. Things like lotion, bubble bath, or even nice soap can be great. There is something incredibly comforting about being surrounded by pretty smells.

5. Eye Mask

Often people have roommates in treatment. It is obviously impossible to control when they turn off the lights or how much they like the blinds open. So, it can be really nice to have an eye mask. I send one that was silk to my friend she totally loved it. Also, it allows for easy napping on Sundays when they are allowed to have some downtime.

6. Snacks or Treats

Who doesn’t want something delicious to snack on? Of course what you send will depend on that the other person likes. But, I usually find that people love getting a little treat in their care package. Make sure to check the rehabs policy on food before sending any snacks. If they are ok with sweets chocolate can be a great thing to send. Eating chocolate releases feel good hormones that can help someone who is in rehab feel better even just for a moment.

If you know someone who is in treatment I am sure they would be happy to get a recovery care package! It can be a little isolating and scary to be in rehab. Getting something comforting in the mail can be just the pick me up that they need.

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