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Inspirational Gift Ideas

inspirational gift ideas

Inspirational Gift Ideas

We’ve all had a friend who is especially spiritual or in touch. Maybe you want to get them a gift because you appreciate them, maybe they’re celebrating a birthday, or maybe it is some sort of spiritual milestone. It can be difficult to find the right gift to give someone that has meaning. Here are a few inspirational gift ideas you may consider for these times!

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations may be a great way to go! Whether your friend is an experienced meditator or new to practice, you can find CD’s or downloads that are just right for them. You can find some meditation CD’s or downloads online to offer your friend, or even curate a collection specifically for them. Think of the old days of mixtapes and burning CD’s, and make them a collection of guided meditations!

buddhist malaJewelry

Jewelry may be a fun way to go. You can make something or find something online. Whether its a Buddhist mala, gemstone bracelet, or a beautiful pendant, there are many spiritual pieces of jewelry you can find. Places like Etsy have great offerings with a variety of different vendors and styles. You can also try to make something! Buy the supplies and make your friend a personalized piece of jewelry that reminds them of their practice, their intentions, or your relationship!

A Spiritual Experience

There are many wonderful experiences to be had that we sometimes cannot afford ourselves. There are meditation retreats, yoga retreats, and spiritual getaways. One of my favorite places is Spirit Rock Meditation Center, but it is expensive to go on retreat there! Maybe you and a few friends can get together to offer the person a retreat or spiritual experience which they would love to go on.

Meditation Supplies

I have been given little meditation supplies over the years as gifts, and love all of them. I have a zafu, or meditation cushion, my parents gave me a while ago which I use regularly. I also have a few little statues, a piece of labradorite, and a few beautiful singing bowls. These gifts are wonderful because I can actually use them in my practice. See if there is something you can give your friend that they can actually use in their spiritual practice. This can be a beautiful gesture, as it is pragmatic and useful, and will remind them of the love for them.

mindful magazineLiterature

Many people enjoy reading. See if you can find a good new book they may like or a subscription to a magazine like Mindful Magazine. Magazine subscriptions are a fun gift because it keeps on giving! Although there is the initial pleasure at receiving the gift, the person will continue to receive the gift every month or quarter. Hopefully you know your friend well enough to have an idea of what magazine or book they may like. If not, ask somebody who also knows them!

Make Something Personal

You can also go the route of really making something personal. Maybe make a dreamcatcher or a personalized wellness basket. Hand-made and personalized gifts may not cost as much or be as “big,” but they’re often the most impactful gifts. We can see how much love, time, and energy goes into these things and they tend to come deeply from the heart!

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