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How Exercise Can Help Mental Health

mental health and exercise

The connection between exercise and mental well-being has been considered since the premature 1900s. Several studies display a relationship between workouts and how it can comfort anxiety and depression, advance mood and self-esteem, and aid a person attain quality sleep. There are many ways to help deal with these mental

Mental Health Help for us Creative Types

Mental Health Help for us Creative Types

Many of us creative types can feel like our creativity is being tamped down by therapy or medication. However, for many of us dealing with mental health issues these can be necessary parts of treatment. So we find ourselves in a predicament. Want want to get help with whatever we

Benefits of Finding a Creative Outlet

Mental Health and Creativity

If you've ever had a creative outlet, you probably know it can make you feel happy. Whether it's visual art, making music, singing, producing some crafts, or writing, finding a way to be creative has true mental health benefits. A 2014 study found that producing visual art leads to increased psychological

Art Therapy Games

Art Therapy Games

Art therapy is a great way to reduce stress, engage young people, or just work through some stuff! There are so many great art therapy games that you can do on your own in order to help you process your feelings. Or, if you are a clinician these are some