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Things I Learned About Photography Online


We've discussed before that creativity can help those with mental health disorders, and I'm no exception. One way I get my creativity on is photography. I recently took a bunch of free online courses, and a few paid ones on Udemy and learned quite a bit. It re-lit my fire,

Why You Should Hire Content Writers for Your Blog

writing for blogs

Content is king these days. Yes, it's a cliche saying you hear a lot in online marketing. But it's true. Great content can power a blog and an online business. However, many of us don't have the time or energy to pump out high-quality blog articles. This is where you

How Can Essential Oils Help Your Brain?

essential oils for the brain

The path that has the most thoughtful use to the body/mind is within the sense of smell.  When we sense essential oils, the spray quickens a very sensitive region, the olfactory nerve.  This nerve is the single nerve in the body that straightly links your external atmosphere and goes all

How to Make the Perfect Wedding Gift Bag

Wedding Gift Bag

Weddings are one of those things that require a lot of mental and emotional energy on the part of the couple and the guests. If you are planning your wedding yourself it can be incredibly stressful to try to figure out all of the little details that you need to