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Things I Learned About Photography Online


We've discussed before that creativity can help those with mental health disorders, and I'm no exception. One way I get my creativity on is photography. I recently took a bunch of free online courses, and a few paid ones on Udemy and learned quite a bit. It re-lit my fire,

The Dangers of Benzodiazepines

xanax addiction

Benzodiazepine abuse is on the rise, as are overdose deaths from benzodiazepines. With opioids getting all of the spotlight, we can forget about these other important drugs. Although they're prescribed medications, they can still be quite dangerous. Anyone using benzodiazepines is of course at risk for developing benzodiazepine dependence. What

Finding Spiritual Support

We all can benefit from a little support from time to time. We can find self-help groups, therapists, and more options. But what do we do when we need some support that is more spiritual in nature? One option is to work with a spiritual advisor. Or, you can find

My Experience with a 30 Day Meditation Challenge

I have always been interested in meditation. In my personal life and recovery from addiction, it's showed up in many places. The brief moments of meditation at the end of yoga classes, the meditations in twelve-step rooms, and friends who are avid meditators. I've even tried meditation in my life

Why You Should Hire Content Writers for Your Blog

writing for blogs

Content is king these days. Yes, it's a cliche saying you hear a lot in online marketing. But it's true. Great content can power a blog and an online business. However, many of us don't have the time or energy to pump out high-quality blog articles. This is where you

Finding Support for an Addict in Your Life

family member with addiction

Finding Support for an Addict in Your Life When you have an addict in your life, it can be quite consuming. To watch somebody go through the suffering of addiction is heartbreaking, and we can't always help how we want to. In addition, the addiction may take its toll on our

Health Effects of Heroin Use

xanax addiction

In spite of being recognized as one of the most extremely addictive drugs on the souk, heroin is still a grim truth plaguing the US. Almost six lakh people are said to need treatment to overwhelm their addiction to the medicine. Over the years, frequent shifts in the use of

How Exercise Can Help Mental Health

mental health and exercise

The connection between exercise and mental well-being has been considered since the premature 1900s. Several studies display a relationship between workouts and how it can comfort anxiety and depression, advance mood and self-esteem, and aid a person attain quality sleep. There are many ways to help deal with these mental

Mindfulness Meditation Can Reduce Anxiety

meditation for anxiety

If you're interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness, chat with a mindfulness coach like Matthew Sockolov to dive more deeply into mindfulness practice. It's human instinct to stress. Being on the steady post for peril kept our progenitors sheltered and alive. Be that as it may, in the cutting

How Can Essential Oils Help Your Brain?

essential oils for the brain

The path that has the most thoughtful use to the body/mind is within the sense of smell.  When we sense essential oils, the spray quickens a very sensitive region, the olfactory nerve.  This nerve is the single nerve in the body that straightly links your external atmosphere and goes all