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7 Creative Activities to Relieve Anxiety

7 Creative Activities to Relieve Anxiety

Many creative people also suffer from anxiety. I have has friends like this who turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms in order to get rid of their anxious feelings. Some people end up using drugs and alcohol, of course, all this does is end up making the anxiety worse when you aren’t using them. I have even known people who ended up in marijuana addiction treatment centers in order to get off the very drug they were trying to use to help them. Luckily, there are many other healthy ways to relieve anxiety.

1. Color a Mandala

These days there are so many incredible adult coloring books. The site has a ton of great mandalas you can print at home and color. I recommend investing in some nice colored pencils or pens. This activity is great because it can be incredibly relaxing to do something that is both repetitive and creative. It allows you to take your mind off of your worries and engage your body in a creative activity. She symmetry of the mandalas can also have a relaxing effect for people who are highly anxious.

2. Make a Scented Candle

Make your own Scented Candle

Another great relaxing and creative activity is to create your own scented candles. All you need are some essential oils, jars, wicks, and soy candle wax. This post from wikiHow is a great how to guide for making your own candles. This is another great activity because you get to take your mind off your anxiety by doing something creative. And the result of your creativity is a nice relaxing candle! You might want to use lavender or other relaxing scents in order to really help with anxiety.

3. Create Your Own Tea Blend

Some people feel like their anxiety improves as soon as they have a cup of tea in their hands. It can be fun and relaxing to create your own tea blend. This way, you can make something that has all of the relaxing things you enjoy, and you get to experiment and be creative. We recommend using things like chamomile, kava, and mint for soothing your worries. You can get some mason jars and keep keep the extras of any blend you make.

4. Try Writing a Story

Some people feel like it really relieves stress when they do some creative writing. You don’t need to be a great writer to try this. Sometimes just writing a little story can help you feel less anxious and get your creative juices flowing. You might even try a particular writing prompt in order to help you get started. If you like this idea, you can check out this list of 365 creative writing prompts.

5. Make some Music

Make some MusicYou don’t need to be a talented musician in order to feel better with some music. If you don’t have an instrument you can try singing or even creating electronic music on your computer. For many people these soothing melodies end up helping them feel less anxious. You get to do something creative and engage in something that is relaxing. There is a reason that different spiritual traditions have some kind of singing, chanting, or music. They engage parts of the parasympathetic nervous system which help calm the body down.

6. Make a Dreamcatcher

Recently we wrote a post with a step by step guide about how to make a dream catcher. Making something like this can be a really creative activity and it can help with anxiety. There is something nice about making something with your hands and then getting to look at it every day. You might even make it with a sightly different intention and allow it to be a “worry catcher”! You can hang it somewhere that you will see it every day and remember your intention to let go of anxiety. This is a great way to build self-awareness, intuition, and an opening of your third eye chakra. You can learn more about the third eye from The Online Medium at

7. Have Fun with Watercolors

If you are someone who loves to be creative but you get a little perfectionistic try working with watercolor. There is no way to have things be perfect with watercolor. The nice part about this is that it allows you to have fun and be creative without worrying about making something that is an incredible work of art. One of my favorite watercolor techniques is to take a nice piece of heavy paper and crease it down the middle and then unfold it. Put some water colors on one side in abstract patterns. then fold the paper so that the blank side is now touching the water color. Press it firmly all over. When you open it up you will have an incredible abstract watercolor that is also beautifully symmetrical.

I hope that you liked our list of activities to relieve anxiety! We are always looking for suggestions of ways to get crafty, if you have something you like to do let us know.

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